Who We Are

EW Distributors

EW Distributors, LLC is an authorized United States distributor of the TechnoWise Group which has designed, developed and extensively field tested a series of environmentally aware uni-, bi- and tri- phase electrical energy savings solutions intended for worldwide deployments. Its product portfolio includes energy saving solutions for AC electric motors for entire residences, businesses, schools and more. By conserving energy, these solutions lower operating costs, extend the useful operating life of electric appliances and devices and reduce carbon emissions.

Led by its visionary management team and coupled with its world class engineering talents, The TechnoWise Group has transformed recent advances in semi-conductor integrated circuits into innovative energy savings solutions alleviating the never ending need to conserve energy and protect the environment.

Terry Wynn, former President of The TechnoWise Group, Inc., is the President of EW Distributors, LLC and founder of The PowerWise Group, Inc., The TechnoWise Groups’ parent company. Terry has been an established entrepreneur in the oil, gas, energy and power generating industries for over thirty years. His interest in energy-saving technologies for the power generation, distribution and conversion played an important role in his decision to come out of retirement and focus his efforts on The TechnoWise Group. Terry has extensive experience in dealing with both domestic and international organizations.

A true entrepreneur, Terry has started and owned over thirty successful companies during his career. His connections in the oil and gas and electrical power generation industries have provided The TechnoWise Group with excellent avenues for product application. Terry was born and reared in Texas and attended Texas Tech University.

Market Development Representatives

Randy Carroll

Kevin Hart

Miles Morgan